'When' Series

Feelings are as natural to each of us as seeds are to a watermelon.  In some they are hidden pretty effectively but they’re still there somewhere.  Although not all feelings are good, the concept of feelings is a part of who we are. They do, however, need to be brought under the Lordship of Christ for their proper management – like everything else we are and have.
            Although geared toward those who already know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, this series could be helpful to anyone who doesn’t have a problem with the Word of God, as it is the foundation and constant source of reference.
            This little series we call “When” is nothing new. The format has been used by many servants of the Lord.  Click on the “when” topic listed below that you might need help with at the moment (when you’re “angry,” when you’re “worried,” etc.)  It isn’t meant to be a problem solver or offer an explanation as to why you might be experiencing what you are. We are not theologians, psychologists, or even professional writers.  We simply love the Lord and our prayer is that your daily human experiences  might be made just a bit easier by what you read. Each topic (not all of which fit neatly into the category of “feelings”) includes a scripture verse, short essay, poem, pattern for prayer and appropriate photo.
Click on desired topic (listed alphabetically below)