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  Teddy Bear Dad

              TEDDY BEAR DAD
                                                                    My Daddy’s like my teddy bear
                                                               He lets me pull his ear.
                                                               He likes it when I play with him,
                                                               He never seems to fear.
                                                               His arms are long to hug me—
                                                               Can’t say he has a chin—
                                                               His feet are big, his tummy’s round,
                                                               He has a special grin.
                                                               I’ve dumped my dinner in his lap,
                                                               Got gum into his hair;
                                                               And most the time he’s patient with me
                                                               But now and then a bear J.
                                                               Sometimes a noise will make me scared
                                                               But not for very long,
                                                               ‘Cause I can count on him, you see—
                                                               So big and brave and strong.
                                                               He lets me know when I’ve been bad—
                                                               I think I’ve seen him cry.
                                                               And when I hug and squeeze him tight,
                                                               There’s a twinkle in his eye.
                                                               I talk to him when no one else
                                                               Would understand or care.
                                                               He doesn’t have to say a word—
                                                               It’s enough to know he’s there.
                                                               He listens to me when I pray
                                                               And tucks me in at night.
                                                               When thunder rolls in summertime,
                                                               He lets me cuddle tight.
                                                               He likes it when I squeeze him,
                                                               And hugs?  Least two or three.
                                                               And when my day’s been kinda bad,
                                                               He’s always there for me.
                                                              When I’ve outgrown my teddy bear,
                                                              He’ll sit in a box I guess.
                                                               Though torn and worn, his stuffing flat,
                                                               I’ll love him none the less.
                                                              But I’ll never outgrow my Daddy—
                                                               I suppose I’ll call him Dad –
                                                               He too may get worn but forever will be
                                                               The very best pal this kid ever had.