Both the Old and New Testaments are full of parables - little stories that used happenings in Nature or day-to-day living to make a spiritual point.  The heart that was closed to receiving spiritual things saw little more than a story, but those who were open were able to hear things that could influence their relationship to both God and their fellow man.  You don't have to know the Bible to benefit from our parables, only be open to Biblical principles.



Aggravating Alarm

Listening to Conscience


Automatic Auto

Spiritual Maintenance


Committed Cloud

Christian Witness


Confused Camera

In the Word


Consistent Cormorant

Power in Persistence


Continuous Construction

 Maturing in Christ


Exasperating Exhaust

Dealing with Anger


Faithful Furnace

 Friendship Maintenance


Fantastic Fan

Help for a Stagnant Heart 


Friendly Fill-Up

Church Attendance


"Holey" Sign

God's Church


Labored Limit

Spiritually Stretched


Lingering Locust

In the Fullness of Time

Neighborhood Nut

The Word and You


Obedient Opener

Faith Prayers


Phantom Photo

Opportunity Lost


Resilient Robin

Praying with Purpose


Silent Songbird

Giving God Our All


Spotted Specs

Flexible for God


Stubborn Staple

Breaking Bad Habits


Suppressed Surge

Temptation Alert


Tempestuous Tip

Giving Cheerfully


Unique Utensil

Used by God


Untapped Resource

Holy Spirit at Work


Wet Windshield

Stress Relief