Never again forget to send that special someone a card!  With our Mail-It-Later Service, you pre-select the GREETING CARD(s) for us to send directly to your recipient(s) on the date(s) you choose.  No hassle and no forgetting!   The cost for this service is an additional $.25/card  (included in the card price).   Order one card or a hundred.  

This service is available for Individuals and Businesses alike.


BUSINESSES:  for cards designed especially for you --

choose the  'Mail-It-Later Service FOR BUSINESSES'  in the sidebar to the left.  


To use this service, you must read and agree to the terms of the M-I-L PERMISSION Form  (you'll be required to initial your approval on each card before you may add the card(s) to your cart).  All names and addresses are kept confidential (click on our privacy policy at the bottom of the page). 


Please note:  The greeting cards in the Mail-It-Later section are specifically for the Mail-It-Later Service ordering. These are the only cards available for this service  (you cannot order from the  'Products'  section).  



There are two designations for each greeting card.  One labeled "SINGLE" (M-I-Ls)  and one "MULTIPLE" (M-I-Lm).

          -SINGLE-     By choosing a card marked "SINGLE"  (M-I-Ls),  you are asking us to mail that particular card to  ONE  recipient.  There will be a place where you must enter the recipient's information.  ALL  INFORMATION  MUST  BE  PROVIDED  or your order cannot be completed.

          -MULTIPLE-     By choosing a card marked "MULTIPLE" (M-I-Lm),  you are asking us to mail that particular card to  MORE  THAN  ONE  recipient.  Additional information will be required from you and is explained in the M-I-L Instructions  (for multiple cards).  Along with the instructions will be a Recipient Information Form that you may use to submit the additional information required.

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