The products we offer are an outreach for WhisperTones but it is the Inspiration section that is its heart and soul.  We pray that here you will find encouragement, information, and help for your faith, whether you are a pastor, a new believer, or still searching.  There are Sunday School lessons (still in its infancy), pastoral helps, stories and “how to’s”  that will hopefully make you think and sometimes drop you to your knees.  There is no charge for any of this information.  It is copyrighted but you are free to print and use any of the information you find helpful.
Be sure to check out 'Inspiration from You' where you can read what God has done in the lives of others and where there is opportunity for you to encourage others with your own story.
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5 for 305 for 30
Strictly for those who do not take a regular time in the Word but know they need to. Try our 5-minutes-a-day-for-30-days-exercise with no sit-down time required except 20 minutes set-up and 20 minutes at the end of the 30 days.
Front and CenterFront and Center
Short stories to inspire you.
Inspirations from YouInspiration from You
An opportunity for you to bless others by sharing what God has done for you.
Based on timeless Biblical principles, a series of 25 modern-day parables to make you think.
Prescriptions for PastorsPrescriptions for Pastors
Articles, scripture-based studies and fun stuff for the pastor.
Sunday SchoolSunday School / Small Group Bible Studies
Adult, Youth, and children group studies/discussions on a variety of topics that link Bible principles to everyday life. Perfect for Sunday School, small groups, or week end retreats.
Touched by the MasterTouched by the Master
Fictional stories based on Biblical principles.
'When' Series'When' Series
Angry? Depressed? Worried? Find help here for dealing with emotions.