Owner & Manager – the Lord Jesus Christ
Our Staff – a family of three – Mom, Daughter, Son
            Fran Shufelt – writing, bookkeeping, promotion
            Tania Reddick – computer layout, production, design
            Christopher Shufelt- photography, research
Our Purpose –  To glorify our Creator and Lord using the blessings with which we ourselves have been blessed.  We view the website as more of a ministry than a business.  Just getting started in 2012, we ask the visitor to check back with us regularly as new inspirational resources and products will be added as the Lord provides.
Our Logo –     The hummingbird is one of the smallest of birds but very industrious, working quietly but very hard “doing his thing.”     That’s us:  Small, hard-working, quiet.
Our Motto – “Say It in a Whisper” – We think you can make your point or send a message gently and unobtrusively even when it may pertain to some heavy, not-so-gentle subjects.
Our Name – WhisperTones – Tania chose the name.  It just seemed to match our philosophy of keeping a quiet undercurrent of caring and love flowing through everything this site is about.
Our Inspirations – Our Inspirations are copyrighted, but are available for you to read at no charge and you may duplicate them for your personal use.  The only exception is  Inspiration from You  which would require the various authors' permission.  
Our Products – All cards and photographs are copyrighted and may be duplicated only with specific permission from WhisperTones.  See the order page for a list of products and prices and click on “Products” on the Home Page for detailed descriptions.